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it’s looking grim…

My wedding is coming up [so exited!] and I had a goal of losing 20 lbs. As of now I’ve lost a whopping….0!! Nothing, zip, nada. I guess it’s my own fault because I am really not doing any diets or exercise.

these things got to go...pronto!!

But befor you judge me and think that I’m lazy here’s a recap of all the things I need to do and what I think about in the morning.
Things pending for the wedding & the house:
1. get fitted for the dress
2. book a band
3. pick out the flowers
4. take our engagement pictures for our invitation
5. order our invitations
6. paint our apartment
7. get a contractor to fix our terrace and lay tiles
8. get the furniture from the lay-away
9. re-upholster our dinning set chairs
10. paint our dinning table and chairs
11. get screens for all the windows and doors
12. set the budget for all the other little details left to do
As you can see, my small list seems easy but the thing is that things keep popping up and it’s making me anxious. anxiety makes me eat and consecuently I don’t loose weight.

i wanna look like this

But I want to really. You see I used to be fit, I was a dancer and an aerobics teacher not so long ago [well 5 years exactly]and it’s not that I’m fat, but I am flabby and I wanna get back in shape. But with what time? In between work, law school and planning a wedding I just seem to find enough time in my day to sleep [and even then I only sleep 4 to 5 hours]
I wanna be healthy and fit, I wanna be flexible and have energy. I don’t want to be out of breath just for going up two flights of stairs. I wanna run a marathon, I wanna take kick-boxing classes and pilates as well. I wanna play tennis again.

could I get here???
I actually love vegetables and fruits

I wanna do lots of physical activity. I just want the day to have 36 hours so I can do everything. For now I’ll keep reading fitness blogs and magazines, get motivated and hopefully try to commit and eat healthier. If not for the wedding at least for the summer!

tunes in my head: “Starlight” by Muse…it’s my new ringtone

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