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a definite change??

No, I’m not talking about my photo a day challenge from Fat Mum Slim [I’m upset to say that I didn’t keep up 😦 ] that’s taken a back seat to some bigger things coming up these two months. So I’m only 54 days away from my wedding and it’s all becoming real now. I’ve been so caught up in the wedding planning, law school [ did I mention one of my finals is due the same week as my wedding?? ] and getting the apartment ready for us.

this is how I look right about now


I’ve got so many things on my mind right now, that I would looove to tell you all of them but it would just end up to be a really looong post. So in an effort to document my musings I am making a commitment [ this time for real guys ] and writing at least once every other day.

I have to say I suck at committing to things like these, but all the things I have to do by April 21 force me to make a change. So in the spirit of new beginnings, let’s talk about my first thought: my wedding dress.

Now, my wedding dress is being custom made by my aunt [she always does my dresses] and at the time she measured me I was a little over weight { 15 lbs to be exact} so I wanted to loose some weight for my next fitting and I did! I lost my uncomfortable “love handles” that so torment my life. But I got cocky, I did’t keep my diet and now I’m back with my “chichos” {that’s the term for love handles in Puerto Rico}.

this right here can't happen

Luckily, my boyfriend got me { at my request of course!} a copy of the 10 minute workout videos, which give you a nice routine to do in ten minutes everyday. Today was day 1 of the program so here are my current measures and my goal:

-current weight- 166 lbs

goal weight – 150 lbs

-current waistline- 28″

goal waistline- 25″

would I like to look like that...ah Yes please!

and so on and so forth. I’m taking my before pics to compare. Let’s see how long this lasts. [this time is for real]

yup that happens


I am a young woman discovering myself while juggling life, marriage and law school

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