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and then came my turn

I thought I wouldn’t happen, I took so much care of it and made sure I had it at all times but something went terribly wrong. Today I lost my flashdrive, the one that contained all my law school notes and documents and pretty much my life. I realized that I lost it a couple of minutes ago [1:22 am to be precise] and now I can’t sleep.

lesson learned: back your shit up!

I know the world hasn’t ended but the thing is that when you’re in school, your documents and notes are your life. The sad thing is I have no backup, I thought about doing one but I didn’t and now it’s gone. Last I saw it was in starbucks at closing time, I’ll go tomorrow to see if I have any luck. If not I have to start from scratch a week away from midterms. Great.

if found please return to desperate owner :s


I am a young woman discovering myself while juggling life, marriage and law school

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