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is it just me?

I’m getting married in two months and I’m all involved in making our new apartment cozy and ready for us to move in. It’s a two bedroom apartment with one bathroom, a big kitchen and living room and a huge terrace. I’ve always dreamed of how my dream apartment would look like,  it would have a very feminine touch and I have to admit that I thought would be living alone for a couple of years before getting married. But as life would have it, I found my prince charming and so I now I have to re-dream my dream house to a style that fits us both.

my ideal terrace


I’ve been subscribed to for all my wedding stuff, but they also have a section called the nest that it’s all about home and relationships. They also have another tab called the bump but that’s another story [we’re not planning on kids yet]. Ever since reading things for homes and gardens, recipes, entertaining, decorating and relationship advise I’ve been on the prowl looking for [low budget] inspiration for my home.

cross between cozy and modern?


The thing is that I love a lot of things! I guess you could say that my style is modern, but I love vintage and retro touches, with a little bit’o cozyness. So how do I get all those styles together and fit them to my future hubby’s liking? I have no idea. I am however subscribed to lots of home, garden, food, decor and entertaining blogs and pages. I shouldn’t get so caught up in it though, this is our first apartment and we plan to buy a house later on then my dilemma will truly manifest.

seriously delicious

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my ideal container garden

I just wish I have enough time to do all the home stuff I wanna do.

PS. home decorating project pics coming soon.

Here’s a list of blogs and pages I liked. Check them out if you’re looking for inspiration like me.

A beautiful mess– great for vintage clothing and DIY’s

New Deja vu– ideas for decor

Better Homes and Garden– has quizzes to let you know your kind of style

Food network– of course

Life on the balcony– for container gardens, great if you’re living on an apartment

The nest

Skinny taste– for those times when I’m on a diet



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