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no…it can’t be true

I used to be a very active person. I went to the gym regularly and had a steady diet. And then life happened.

Back in college all I had to do was go to class and study. That was it. So I had time to do plenty of activities that kept me fit like dancing, teaching aerobics [yes I did that once in my life] and exercising regularly. But about 4 years ago I stopped dancing and started working in an office, very sedentary. The effects of working in an office…less exercise and more snacking.

Still I did have a little time in the afternoons and on weekends to catch up on my exercise and I managed to keep my ideal weight at 145 lbs. My next job required me to move around a bit more, I was a producer in a local TV show and that meant that I was always on the move. It was too demanding though and I wasn’t having a life [I even crashed one day because I fell asleep on the wheel, I wasn’t getting much rest] so in the end I quit that job. But I did look good when I left.

About a year ago I started working in an office again, but at least I had my afternoons and weekends free to exercise and do outdoorsy activities. But then I got accepted into law school it meant my nights and weekends were now dedicated to going to class and studying for class. And we all now that that leaves no time to exercise and because of that I’ve put on more weight. A lot more weight actually.

that's my face...exactly


I’ve always been the type to see-saw with weight gain and loss, but recently I’ve just been gaining and gaining. Also I’m sure that you’ve noticed by my posts that I am very intrigued with the whole healthy-living-go-out-and-get-fit kind of thing, but to tell you the truth I’m exhausted. I go to work 9 hours a day, go to school 4 hours a day 4 days a week, plan a wedding and prepare our new house on the weekends. I go to sleep every night at 12am and wake up at 6am so it’s been hard to find any time for me.

But I’ve had an epiphany, at work the guys were destroying equipment [I work at an electronics chain store] and we were messing around with the weight scale. We all did our turns and when it was time for my weigh in I came at 162 lbs, not at all surprising since I know I’ve gained weight. Then one of the guys went for his turn and noticed that the scale was not correctly calibrated. So he fixed it and then we went for round two. Everyone had their turn and realized that they actually weighed less that before and then my turn came up. I was confident I was probably gonna weight a couple pounds less and I stepped on the scale. The unimaginable happened…I weighed 170lbs!!!! I did it again to make sure it was right 170lbs, I took off my shoes 170lbs, I took off my jacket 170lbs. So I came to realize that I’m almost 30 lbs over my ideal weight. Well now it’s time I do something about it {it’s just that food tastes sooo good!}

I propose to start some type of diet and at least do my 10-minute workout 4 days a week. We’ll see how if I can lose at least 10 pounds for my wedding {it’s in April :s} I will do my best to keep you posted.

I sure hope you're right Tony...I hope you do




I am a young woman discovering myself while juggling life, marriage and law school

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