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I don’t understand why men talk like frat boys…

I guess they do it instinctively and maybe that’s the equivalent of us talking so *high pitchy*. So maybe they think that we sound stupid when we meet up with the girls and gush about nothing but I think they look like douchebags doing their frat rant.

Image're not ass cool as you think

I don’t know about you, or if it has happened to you [it surely must] but there’s this guy at my office that I just can’t stand. He’s obnoxious, stupid, a hypocrite, his jokes aren’t funny and he insists on talking like a frat boy [e.g pronouncing a guy’s name with an extra long duration and with a different tone like “tooonyyyy”]. Plus he thinks he’s cool which he obviously isn’t and  he ogles women in a disgusting way. All in all, he’s got the description of a “frat boy” and that’s just hard to deal with.

TOGA! TOGA!....shut up!

It’s just difficult dealing with someone that you plain don’t like, and trust me I really really don’t like him.

{ he bites his nails and his fingers too…all day}



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