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Recently I came across a video on youtube on about a woman called Edith Piaf. A lot of you may know her from the movie “La vie en rose” starring Marion Cotillard [which earned her the oscar for best actress], and some may even know her before the movie came out, but up until about 2 weeks ago I had no idea who she was. And then I heard her…I loved her voice! I feel that I’ve had a little infatuation with french history and culture and little by little I’m learning new things about France that I hadn’t known before. I loved hearing her melodic voice and the sound of her songs transport me to an era filled with many great and horrible things. One one hand we had the world wars, poverty, racism, oppression. But on the other we had culture, and arts, and fashion and new opportunities. A very critical moment in history to be living in and my longing to have been part of it.

powerful voice for a small frame

I’ve always felt that I was born at the wrong time, and I’m always fascinated by all the things from the 50’s and 60’s, and to have found a voice that is able to transport me to a time as if I had lived it is completely magical [plus it gives me goosebumps]

{click on this link to hear my favorite song so far…}

Edith Piaf was a great french singer, that did many things during her lifetime. Sadly she died young [at 48] from liver cancer, but people will remember her on. I will continue to learn about her as I do everything that catches my eye and although I may never know all the details of her life, I hope to learn as much as I can about her.

I think she had a great smile


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