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April is a month of transitions for me. I’m getting married on the 21st [yei! :)], my final on oral argumentation is due the 27th [it’s an argumentation in front of a panel of 3 real federal judges!!!] and I’m moving in with my future hubby. Yes, very overwhelming for me indeed.

First things first, law school. I have been working super hard on my final argumentation only to have the first draft completely crossed out by my law professor. He says that the investigation regarding the matter is excellent, but I have poor organizational skills and it was a complete mess the way it was written. So round no.2 is coming up and I’m working super hard with my partner in order to get this done well. You see, we get to defend a very controversial position and if when we prevail, it means all sorts of good impressions and connections with judges and lawyers. The type of connections we need to get a job after we graduate.


Second, moving time. As of now, our future apartment has only the sofa, the dining table, a small breakfast table and some dishes around the kitchen. We still need to paint the roof and the walls in order to bring in the rest of the furniture and start moving in. And we need this done by the 17th.

this is the plan


And last but not least…THE WEDDING! So pretty much all of our invitations have been sent, and we’re almost there in the planning but there’s one problem…my dress almost doesn’t fit! I need a crash-fast-result diet in order for it to fit comfortably the day of. We still need to make hotel reservations [I know, we’re late ;s] and get all the papers ready. This is just a little of all the things we still have pending, thank God that we have a wedding coordinator.

our engagement picture {i love it}

So I can’t wait for this month to go by, of course because I will get married, but it also means a break from law school and wedding planning and house preparing. A much needed break to enjoy with my man 🙂




I am a young woman discovering myself while juggling life, marriage and law school

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