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into the hype

Well I’m sure you’ve heard of a movie called The Hunger Games, I am also sure that you know it is a best selling book by Suzanne Collins. And I’m extremely sure that this review is being written really late. But bear with me people, I’ve had a lot on my plate and not much time to keep up with the entertainment thing.

Through blog and news reading I came across the trailer for the movie and liked it. Then I saw some book reviews and decided that I wanted to read the book and watch the movie. To keep this from being yet another book review, I will rather share my experience reading this book.


First of all it is not a Sylvia Plath- William Shakespeare type of book, it has a very simple plot {but if you wanna get all serious and deep it is a clear criticism of the capitalism, the way the government instills fear to keep control and how reality tv brainwashes people} and it’s fairly easy to read. What I loved about this book, an other books I’ve read, is that even though I have a vague idea of the ending {thanks to all the book reviews} it still has the ability to keep me hooked trying to guess what happens and desperately wanting to know what’s next.

yep..this is what it felt like for me

This very element is vital for me, I, being a radio-tv-movie production major, almost always know how a movie is constructed therefore I can predict what happens next and am not usually able to experience the movie the way my boyfriend would like me to {he hates that I do this when I watch a movie with him} So books for me offer the type of excitement of not-knowing that movies don’t have for me. This book in particular had me glued to the pages and in a constant state of desperation to find out what happened next. Needless to say, I truly enjoyed the heck of reading it. Coming up are books 2 and 3 of the series and this weekend the BF and I will be seeing the movie {people say it’s better than the book} we’ll see what happens.

PS. although a lot of girls will be siding {and sighing} over the character Gale [played by Liam Hemsworth] I liked Peeta [played by Josh Hutcherson] better. His character is more interesting, charming and witty as opposed to Gale who’s just bland {in my opinion}.

yeah..the guy in the right would get me everytime


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