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doodles in my head

Right about now you must know that I suck at committing to things [except marriage of course ;)] so instead of promising another feature I will write a few posts that may be related to one another or maybe are just random ramblings of my head. So checking out other blogs I stumbled upon The write practice, subscribed to their newsletter and receive writing prompts via email, it’s a great way to treat your writer’s block with some of their tips.

Anyhow, today’s email was about writing someone else’s story, instead of writing what you know [yes clichéd I know] write about someone else and this got me thinking. What if I imagine a story based on what I’ve observed? And then an idea surged in my mind and I’m about to write it. So immediately[well, maybe not INMEDIATELY, remember I have chronic procrastination] after I write this post I will do one fictional tale [disclaimer’s at the end] based on three characters that I know from my office. To fill you in a bit, it’s this married couple [they actually real and work in my company only in different departments] and this new girl that hangs out with them [a lot actually].

I wonder if this ever ends right

On a side note, I will say that now that my classes are officially over [halleluyah!!] I will have more time to dedicate to the blog and to reading also. I just finished the Hunger Games and I gotta say it’s a great trilogy but I kinda expected a better ending. Though it’s basically the one I wanted, but I expected a better way of telling it. Aside from that I loved them. Now I’m looking for my next trilogy since I got more time on my hands. I’m thinking about reading the trilogy 50 Shades of Grey. We’ll see what happens.

the best of the three my opinion


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