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ridiculousness of hollywood

really?? note the caption on this picture, no scratch that, fuck the caption on this picture

I stumbled upon an article about celebrities and their bodies. Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy my daily celeb gossip and looking through pics of celebrities in their normal life to remind myself they’re just like me, but this article was simply ridiculous. It had pictures of different women in hollywood whose knees were not that pretty. Seriously? You can’t pinpoint another flaw on these incredible looking women so pick on their knees???? Oh, did I mention they’re bashing women over 45 for having not-so-perfect knees?? Come on, ridiculous.

I would like to have a word with the writer of the article to find out what inspired him/her to do a piece like that. It’s only perpetuating our ever-losing battles with low self-esteem [I have suffered from this, thus my thinking I’m fat when I’m clearly not but still feeling uncomfortable in my own skin] and making women and girls fear one of the natural processes of life…aging. Women are afraid of not looking perfect all the time and when you have magazines that promote this created need to be forever young well..that’s just plain mad.

I don’t know about you but to me those knees look perfect for a 57 year-old

I don’t normally do political-social criticism blog posts, but I just think that the no. 1 cause of girls wanting to be skinny and young women [26] having plastic surgery to fix stuff that doesn’t even need fixing is these articles in particular. Celebrities have it even worse, always being scrutinized for not being their best when they clearly look awesome for their age! I admire those women in hollywood that don’t let these pieces undermine them because people can be mean and in today’s society there’s no excuse for not looking 25 years old.

of course her knees look like she’s approaching 50, she’s 48!!!

I personally am not afraid of aging or turning 40. In fact, I’m part of a weird category that longs to be 40 because to me 40 year-old women have it made. They have life experiences, careers, families, youth and so many other things that most women don’t realize. I’m always teased for saying that I wanna be 40 already but I don’t care what they think. To me women are always sexy, intelligent and graceful, but 40 is just a classy-elegant age that a lot of women fear and don’t appreciate and men absolutely love. So to all women and girls, fuck every stereotype that the media establishes for beauty, make up your own mind about yourself and please remember that [at the risk of sounding cliche] beauty comes from confidence and if you’re confident you’re rockin’ it, nothing else matter but how you view yourself. [Trust me I’m working on this.]Don’t be afraid of aging, it’s those wisdom years that really count. I’ll let you know how awesome the 40’s feel like.

yep, beautiful? check, classy? check, over 40? check check and loving it!!!




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