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Temporary employees..ramblings of a mad law student

Image So it’s true that today’s economy is bad, that the workforce is suffering a great downfall and that many people are losing jobs or are not even able to find one. Recent grads come out of school into a world of no-possibilities and are forced to work in companies not even remotely related to their field of study in order to keep afloat and pay all the student loans they took out in order to get an education in the first place.

   I find myself somewhat in this group but my situation is a little different. I majored in communications and broadcast but I was not able to find a job in my related field, not even as a janitor in a television network. But you have to move on and pay the bills so I started working in an insurance company. The problem? I was a temporary employee. I was actually an employee of a job agency, the insurance company paid them and they paid me, I had no benefits whatsoever [health insurance, bonuses, raises]. One might think that after a year of working for such insurance company they would hire me as a regular employee because after all I did contribute to that  business’ yearly goals, but that did not happen. In the other hand one would hope that at least I would become a regular employee at the job agency and get benefits. That did not happen either. Instead I got laid off by the insurance company claiming that my position was going to be “closed”, when a week later I found out they hired somebody else to do my job [a regular employee], completely sucks ass.


    That was in 2009 and ever since then I’ve dabbled in different jobs through my job agency but never as part of a company [keep in mind that all my jobs always paid minimum wage and I have a car payment, rent, groceries, clothes, credit cards and student loans to pay]. You can pretty much imagine how it feels to work for a company you’re not really a part of.  I’ve been working for a major electronics corporation now over a year [as a temporary employee nonetheless, my ID is the constant reminder] and as all major corporations do, they have standards and goals they want to meet for each quarter of the year. For meeting those requirements all regular employees get a bonus. What do the temporary employees get? [even though they too contribute to those goals and standards for each department] A BIG PILE OF NOTHING. This didn’t use to bother me too much but I’ve grown tired of this situation. What really did it for me was the fact that the company had a gathering [food and booze included] to say goodbye to one of its employees [she’s relocating] and NONE of the temporary employees got invited. In fact they made sure we did not receive anything relating to it and clear that we were not invited.

This is just hilarious. True and hilarious

    I really don’t give a shit about the goodbye party to the employee [ I hardly knew her] but what really upsets me is the exclusivity with the regular employees. It’s not enough that us temporary employees get paid the minimum, receive no health benefits, no retirement plan, but we don’t even get  bonuses, recognition or invitation to company gatherings. Excuse my French but this is fucked up. I’m getting tired of not being part of something and pretty soon things will change. I know I should be grateful to have a job in this down economy but I’m pretty sure if you were in my shoes you’d understand. People need to pay their dues to get ahead and I get that, but being stuck in the same place for 5 years? That I cannot accept. I’m working on other plans to better my future [law school, possible small business endeavor] and rest assured that if I ever have to hire employees for me, I will never have them as temps because that’s just shitty.




I am a young woman discovering myself while juggling life, marriage and law school

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