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makeover all over

Lately I’ve been browsing around different blogs [those freshly pressed are some of my favorites] and I realized that this blog is somewhat dated. The topics, the about page, the pictures, all in all it needs a facelift. So these next couple of weeks I’ll be doing research, writing, taking pictures and all sorts of stuff to give a little shush to my go ole’ blog, including taking cues from my favorite reads. So in the meantime I will keep posting but it will be rejuvenated.

On a side note I too will be undergoing a makeover. I officially started [again…sigh] my diet and exercise plan to get back in shape. I will be going back to school pretty soon so I hope to be on my way to my ideal physique before classes start. At last I’m motivated enough to finish what I start.


See you soon [with the after picture]



I am a young woman discovering myself while juggling life, marriage and law school

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