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weekend overload

Let me start by saying: Hi ya’ll, thank you! 🙂 to all the new followers and likes on my post:  Thanks to a very clever blog I follow, Truth and Cake, I was able to find new awesome blogs and creative people to connect with 🙂

That being said, this weekend was a food overload [to say the least]. I think all the hard work and exercising that I’ve done so far was washed away with just one meal course. You see Pinterest has become an frenemie of sorts. I have found some cool style, home, travel ideas and also some recipes…..this is my doom.

This is what my week looks like

I did some pizza rolls, and stovetop lasagna. Had ice cream and lots of esquimalitos [that’s icicles for us over here] to beat the summer heat. I drank some lots of wine and almost no water. I did 0 exercising. To sum it all, I had an overdose of carbs and no kind of activity to burn them off [I was too busy watching Cougar Town].

this is my new favorite show, how can I resist??

But in my defense I did have some banana-papaya smoothies made by me, at least something healthy. Tomorrow’s a holiday in Puerto Rico but I can’t think of it that way, I have to get back to my diet and exercise. Getting back in shape is not as easy as I thought [especially when I loooooove food].

these are good for beating the summer heat, in fact….I’m eating one right now


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