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horrors of monday breakfast

Everyday I wake up dreaming of what I’m having for breakfast. Oh those delicious omelets, or those exquisite french toast with bacon on the side, mmmm….the possibilities are endless. It’s safe to say that breakfast is indeed my favorite meal of the day. I can eat it in the morning, at lunch, and for dinner.

Now, I’m no health specialist [much less a nutritionist] but I know that breakfast is [in my opinion] the most important meal of the day. If I don’t have a good breakfast I’ll be cranky the rest of the day. It marks the start of a productive work day.

ahhhh breakfast heaven 🙂

Today was just like any other, I made french toast with bacon on the side and decided to take it to work because I was running late [plus if I ate it at home I’d be hungry at the office by 9:30am]. To accompany my delicious breakfast I stopped at a street vendor to buy a cup of coffee [I can’t kick the habit…sorry diet 😦 ] and a lemon juice. To my horror and dismay I saw people eating, not a healthy-complete breakfast, but rather a “solution” to their morning hunger. They were eating fried empanadillas [that’s like a meat turnover] with coke!! Whattttt?????? Are you telling me that you’d turn away from a good ham and cheese sandwich, some oatmeal or pancakes to have the greasy, high cholesterol, sugary treat that is empanadillas with coke? Or for that matter a cheesedog with pepsi? Or Doritos with a diet coke?

this ain’t no breakfast

Sorry folks but these are not breakfast foods, and although you might think that scrambled eggs and ham  could have the same calories as a doughnut and a cup of coffee I’d take the eggs any day. At least my breakfast is healthier than yours. Stop eating fried stuff in the morning! And they wonder why they have poor health habits or and overweight problem :s.

Image’ll end up like this and it’s not blissful eating
{sorry couldn’t find the source of this pic}


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