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ALAS! Motivation

Today I’ve had a breakthrough. I’ve wanted to take up running for quite some time now and you know that I’m looking to get back in shape so when I saw this I decided to jump right in!

I’m all over this!

It’s the “Panic 10K Fango Run” [mud run]. It’s set to be for October 27 2012, a 10k run with obstacle courses and a party afterwards. This comes at the right time too. You see, I’ve been looking for a type of challenge to look forward to. It’s easy to say “I wanna get in shape” and then get caught up in things that you end up doing nothing. This is something to work for, something to look forward to, something to motivate me to get up and do. My hubby’s already on the band wagon as well as some friends. I’m looking forward to training and actually getting in shape for this. My new lifestyle starts today! [my procrastinator self is giving me the cold shoulder but I don’t care].

yep! I don’t care about your snotty attitude

I’m already on track with dieting and getting educated regarding nutrition. Today we start running. This is so exiting! I think its the best motivation I could have.



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