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weekend wrap-up

yo yo, what’s happenin’ yo? Ugh scratch that, I thought I might try a new persona today, lets just say “gansta sweet” doesn’t suit me. Now on to being miss.sue. This weekend was pretty relaxing [well…maybe relaxed is not quite what went down as I cleaned and did laundry like a mad woman] and I also got to spend time with the mr. and my parents. Look on to see what went down yo! [I don’t really know this guest on my mind that keeps speaking gansta]


on our way to the beach

it’s sideways ’cause I likes it that way yo! [again, I have no idea who this gansta is]

the beach was packed [it doesn’t look like it here but it was]


miss.sue chillin’ in our tent


our friends got started on the barbecue


some played dominoes…


others ate []


cold beers for the summer heat!


now we head back home…


to this girl right here!

How was your weekend?

PS. post inspired by the usual bliss’ style. Gotta say I love it!



I am a young woman discovering myself while juggling life, marriage and law school

4 thoughts on “weekend wrap-up

  1. I love that you were inspired by my crazy posts! I was just thinking I need to spice things up so people don’t get bored! PS My fave photo is of your dog. I just love when they show their bellies! 🙂

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