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this week @ sue’s

So it’s been a good week [we had a holiday on wednesday which cut my week] full of new determinations. Spoke to  the mr and we agreed on a plan to finally get out of debt. It’s gonna be a long 2 1/2 years but we’ll make it. So here’s the recap:

Monday: When did I start liking pink? I used to be a tomboy, the girl who liked blues and blacks. Pink and neons were nowhere to be seen near me. So when did this happen? I have no idea, but it seems now I can’t get enough of this pretty [yes I’m girly now] shade. Lipstick, lanyards, nail polish, clothes, decor, even my iphone cover is pink.


Wednesday: The Dark night rises premiered here in Puerto Rico [we’re a little late I know] and since it was my day off we went to see it. It. Was. Awesome. The not-so-good part about it was that when the movie was about to start, they turned off the lights [like they always do] and left them off for like 10 minutes and the movie didn’t start. So, people being bored and all, started making shadow puppets with their phones’ lights on the silver screen up until the ushers turned the lights back on.

Then the movie started with the full lights on, after about 5 minutes like that they finally turned off the lights. The sound was between watching a movie on a regular TV or even louder than an IMAX theather. In the end they cut the credits and left the lights off for like 20 minutes, so people had to exit in the dark. We got out and saw some people complaining to the manager and we got rain checks to see it again 🙂 Not so bad right?


Thursday: I wanted to cook something different today so I decided on shrimp creole. Thanks to this recipe from Skinny tatse I was able to whip up some low-fat goodness for my mr. Well it seems that I’m becoming a better cook after all.

a little messy process


{i didn’t take some pics of the ingredients 😦 }


shrimp creole




Mmmm.. tostones {sort of like bigger, thicker,chewy platain chips}


finished dish: shrimp creole, tostones and couscous

Friday: today we’re going to a local {budget-friendly} bar to have some beers and relax. Tomorrow beach time with the family! [I promise to take pictures]




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4 thoughts on “this week @ sue’s

  1. Always love bumping into bloggers from other worldly parts. Yay! I found a Puerto Rico blog! Thanks for not posting spoilers of the Dark Knight. With two small kids, I’ll be lucky if I get to the theatre before it’s set for DVD.
    Blessings on you.

    1. hi! yeah I try to write as much as I can about my island, maybe I should do a feature or something. I hope you get to see dark night rises soon before others spoil it for you. thanks for stopping by 🙂

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