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this is how we do it

Saturday arrived and so did spending time with the family


grandma went out for a swim with her badass sunglasses


the mr. in between the sun and shade



This is how we do food at the beach in the island, we don’t just do barbecues, we do a whole meal


the sun setting and clouds of rain coming, it was time to head back


the sunset on the way home beautiful, but not as much as the girl waiting for us at home


Maggiekins!!!! [Her actual name is just Maggie but I add the -kins just ’cause]

Now after a fun day at the beach come my new pastimes, surfing pinterest and and reading up on my favorite blogs before law school starts again. [I will be swamped with reading material]

dorkin’ out {the mr. likes it}

[Also reading part two of fifty shades of gray but don’t tell the mr Mmmk?]




I am a young woman discovering myself while juggling life, marriage and law school

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