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let’s get busaaay! [inner gansta talk]

wassup ya’ll??? [somehow my inner gansta has been hanging out with a southerner this weekend]

So many things going on this weekend and also this upcoming week but first things first: A mega congratulations to our national pride Javier Culson!!!! He won a bronze medal in the 400M hurdles yesterday and the whole island was cheering on our athlete. He had the best time on the trials and the preliminaries but a bump in the final   placed him third. I think he lost focus after he tumbled with one of the hurdles but no matter because he still medaled!!!



He was able to unite an island that is going through a tough time right now, with the down economy and all [I’m not sugar coating it though I think this is the same situation most countries are right now] and we were all able to forget all the troubles and get together to see one of our own shine on the olympic stage. So Javier we love you and that bronze tastes pretty much like the best a gold would give 🙂

we pretty much ceased operations for 10 minutes while we watched


On the weekend I got a haircut and went to the beach the day after [can you say “dummy”] but no matter, I was able to blow dry my hair back to pimpness on sunday night.

Now check this out, you ain’t gonna believe ‘this [imagine this with my gansta voice]. I went to the beach on Sunday, it was a beautiful day and it was time to catch up with my best friend [we haven’t gone out in a while]. It was girl time at it’s best with wine and sangria [sooo good!]



But the real star of the afternoon was the pair sitting next to us on the beach. After they arrived, they took a dip, had some drinks and got hit on the head by a stray ball some dudes were playing with [well she got hit on the head, it was pretty funny]. You’d think it was a pretty normal scenario right? Wrong! As I am sipping on some wine, I glance to my right and I see this:

note the item on the circle

For those a little lost, look into the circle. The dude was mixing hair dye on the beach!! I started to wonder, maybe he’s not mixing dye but rather some dip and  he had no bowl to mix it on so he was doing it on this. But no, after he did three types of mixes [he rinsed his stuff in the ocean] he started to dye this girl’s hair!!!! Can you believe this?? I have seen my fair share of weird at the beach and all that stuff seems pretty standard now, but this?

hahahaha look at this other girl’s confused look

Please tell me you’ve seen this type of weird at the beach. I. Had. Never.


PS. I started classes yesterday so please bear with me if I get a little caught up. I made a promise this semester and I’m keeping it [details soon]






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