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inspiring mornings…

I love diversity. It’s been hipster before there was even such a term. I love how meeting new interesting people makes us grow and be more open-minded. I love those who march to the beat of their own drum. I love those who don’t really belong on any of the stereotypes because they are their own person. I love how each of them have something to give back, to share with the world. I love those people who aren’t afraid of saying how they feel or fighting for what they believe in. I love those who may appear to be shy but really have so many interesting attributes. I love being surprised by someone I didn’t really expect to be a certain way. I love diversity.

This morning I was looking through my instagram and facebook accounts and I kept thinking about those on my timeline that really pop-out whenever I look through them. I’ve come to realize that those whose pages I visit the most have some if not all of the traits I love about people. In my constant search to find my voice and my style I find it lovely to see how there are so many types of persons that help me grow everyday.

Now I’m not looking to be an “individual” I think you pretty got that covered when you’re born. I prefer to approach it as being true to you. We are really corrupt by society in general and that prevents us from searching that which makes us be us. The media, fashion, entertainment and so on are constantly telling us what’s “in” what’s “cool” what’s “hot right now” so we succumb to these notions and turn into mindless-consuming beings who follow whatever is popular just ’cause and don’t seem to have an idea of what made us be us in the first place.

She got a backlash from the media for being who she is but quite frankly my dear..she doesn’t give a damn [and that’s what I love, also her need to help others without anything in return]
That’s why I love to find people that don’t follow the society’s standards of “coolness” and just aren’t skeptical about showing their true nature. If there’s something I admire is honesty and integrity. These people are full of it and willing to share it with other people that will appreciate it. It pains me to see little girls and boys trying to be someone else, and it’s not that they can’t have someone to look up to, to emulate their values and what they stand for but they just want to be EXACTLY like someone else and that’s where I have a problem. I don’t mind girls that want to be like lady Gaga in the sense that she’s not afraid to be her, she stands for what she believes in and all that jazz, but I don’t like girls who want to be her because she’s “cool” and “in right now”. Maybe in a couple of years she won’t be as popular as she is now and those little girls will forget her because she isn’t the “thing” anymore. And what about all that she stood for? Forgotten. But if in turn a person follows or is inspired by another person/celebrity/artist because of their way of thinking then that lives on no matter what becomes the next “thing”.

that’s right!

I’m inspired everyday by the people in my facebook, instagram, twitter and here in wordpress. The diversity of people that I find gives me joy. Some are really funny, some are good photographers, some have great fashion sense, some write beautiful things and some just give those one-liners that have me at hello. So thanks to all those who contribute to my inspiration everyday. I only hope that I can be one of these people, who inspire others to be true, honest and to have integrity so that I can contribute to this delicious soup that we call world, savory with so many ingredients that just make it taste better.  I hope that soon I find my voice and become one of those who people call inspiring because we all need inspiration to achieve great things.

truly herself [and she knew it!]
PS. no pictures of the everyday people that inspire me ‘cause they’re not celebrities [exactly how I like it]



I am a young woman discovering myself while juggling life, marriage and law school

4 thoughts on “inspiring mornings…

  1. Dear Miss1Sue,
    I loved this post. As I’ve turned 40, I’ve come to see how much I keep really being myself, much as I used to, but now, I DON’T apologize for it. Big difference.
    And I love it.
    Great post my dear!!!
    P.S. I love Angelina, but I’ll always go down fighting for Jen.
    Love, Lis

  2. What a great post!!! I love finding and reading about unconventional people and ideas. It’s so interesting! BTW….I love Lady Gaga, I saw her on her last your and she blew me away 😉

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