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Week/weekend wrap [that’s www for ya!]

I like that concept, maybe I’ll do a series of www Mondays [that sounds kinda lame yo! right I forgot my inner gansta talks from time to time]

So this past week we almost [almost being the operative word here] had a visit from Issac the tropical depression [or mini hurricane as I like to call them] so everyone on the island got crazay! All the stores were out of salchichas carmela [in Puerto Rico you’re not ready until you got them] and all canned goods. Not to mention that most people were buying coolers, gas stoves, flashlights and of course alcohol [because we get prepared for a hurricane as if it’s a paaartayy!!] I did fall into this craze buying coolers, canned food, board games and of course alcohol [what can I say? Inner gansta mode].

looks like it’s gonna hit us!!!! [It didn’t]
The government cancelled work and school the next day as precaution and so did private businesses and universities. In the end it didn’t even rain when they said it was supposed to, we just felt a whoosh of strong winds every so often but nothing happened. It did rain two days later when it was supposed to be sunny. Good weather report guys!

mean sunset premonition of the hurricane! oh the horror! [not really but I thought I’d be fun to be dramatic]
So three weeks ago I started classes again [you can tell by my decreasing posts :(] and I’ve already had a “kill me now” moment. I really believe in Karma and I think she paid me a visit a couple of days ago, but first the back story. In law school you are required to read many, many, many cases and text and professors expect you to have read the material before class so when we get there we have a great open discussion. But the thing is that for people who work during the day [e.g me] it’s harder to read ALL the material and the professors call you out for it. It can be funny sometimes [some kids say hilarious stuff] but also embarrassing. For all those times a got a chuckle out of that situation this time Karma kicked me in the butt. I was supposed to discuss a case [which I volunteered the class before BTW] and I did read it, but I didn’t understand it. And when it was my turn I went blank. I completely forgot all the details of the case, I even forgot the basic things [what was it about] and to make matters worse, the professor called me out and said I hadn’t read the material. Good kick in the nuts. I learned my lesson and it’s not always funny when people are caught off guard and that it can happen to anybody, so I won’t laugh anymore [unless it’s really funny I can’t help it].

mr.& I at the show

This weekend the mr. and I went to a show my best friend was singing at. Her band is called Lú dica and they’re smooth [check them out here, their music’s in Spanish but you can still enjoy it]. She played great and even gave me a shout out when she introduced my favorite song. I got to see some really old friends and catch up with them. It was nice to get out of the house for a while.

Lú dica

On Sunday I got to do some spring cleaning [ maybe fall cleaning’s a better concept]. I have a lot of clothes that don’t fit me anymore [me being like 4 sizes larger now] and I decided to donate them to my nearest salvation army. But look what I found and simply couldn’t give away….

My favorite pair of skinny jeans!!! [and some shorts too] I decided to hang them in front of the closet to be a reminder and motivation to get back into those skinny jeans by december! [yeah it looks a long time from now but remember that I can’t always exercise] I’m feeling good 🙂

An eventful week, a relaxing weekend and a promising week ahead. We’ll see what goes.

my furry ball of cuteness!!

*chillin’ and grillin’ homies*[my inner gansta just wanted to say bye]



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