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www Tuesday [’cause monday was labor day ya’ll]

Ignoring my inner gansta, I’ve decided to do the www series [week/weekend wrap].

Last week was not that eventful, other than the fact that the mr. has a job interview today! He got a call from a respected company and they offered better pay, better benefits and it’s closer to home 🙂 Hoping he gets the job![ sending good vibes to my love today]

This weekend was goooood. I got to relax and do things at a slow pace [long weekends usually do that for me] and I actually did a lot of things. We bought a washer machine [finally, the days of doing laundry downstairs and going back-and-forth are over!] so my dad and the mr. were working on a base to place the washer on. Meanwhile I cleaned, cooked, studied, watched movies and played with my little girly [Maggiekins!!]

such a cutie pie!

I’m glad to report that I’m keeping to my diet [well..most of the time] and I’m also exercising regularly. At this rate my iphone says I’ll lose 25 lbs by december 12 this year [yei!!!]. The 10K mud challenge is coming up and I’m also on my way to running a full 6 miles. I promise pictures of that day as it will be a great accomplishment.

With my mind on my money and my money on my mind [yeah, my inner gansta’s singing it] I am super happy to report that I’ve paid off 3 of my credit cards!!! a total of $2,540. It’s a relief not to worry anymore about paying on time and having to deal with those pesky collection agencies. A load off. Now all we have left is 1 credit account and our car loans and we’ll be on our way to being debt free [of course until I finish law-school and get a house]. It’s been hard, and we sometimes wonder how we’re doing it but the important thing is that we love each other, we support one another and we are sacrificing things now so in the near future we’re able to enjoy a debt-free lifestyle. That goal keeps us moving forward.

calming sunset

Now, ya’ll know that I mostly post while at work [shhh! don’t say nothin’] and today’s no different. The thing is, while reading my favorite blogs and thinking about this post I can overhear the conversation of my co-worker next door. This might sound pretty boring and standard to some of you so let me give you a back story. This co-worker of mine [a guy] is married to another co-worker in my office [she’s on another department so the company lets it be]. Their cubicles are at opposite ends of the building so they don’t see each other all the time. Now I know what you’re thinking and the answer is no. The inappropriate conversations I hear are not between them, it’s between him and another girl. And that’s not all, this other girl is actually a good friend of his wife! People I try to ignore it but it’s hard not to notice, especially when his cubicle is next to mine. So every now and then I see the other girl sitting in his desk talking to him, or she comes over and he says things like “you’ve been ignoring me” and all that so I guess you could say it’s scandalous. Not to mention the fact that his wife totally trusts him and this girl, they all eat lunch together [only them 3] and it’s all very Three’s company. Not appropriate in my opinion but that’s what’s going on. This probably interests you very little but I had to tell someone or I could explode. Ahhhh….thanks for letting me vent a little.

I have no clever way of ending this post so I’ll just put this funny picture instead.

’cause I like me some ole’ folks who like practical jokes hahaha




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2 thoughts on “www Tuesday [’cause monday was labor day ya’ll]

  1. Good for you for paying off all that debt and sticking to your diet!!! That is some scandalous shiz you are hearing in your cubicle! Totally inappropriate…..especially since the wife trusts both of them……TERRIBLE!!!

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