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www Wednesday! a special kinda post

Well, well, well, look who’s got a pretty awwsome award….this gal right here! Thanks to Scribble of a happy go lucky gal  for the nomination! She’s a working mom living in Doha, Qatar [Google it as she says] and writes about living under the sun [sound familiar??]

So I got the super sweet blogging award, pretty cool right? Here are the sweet answers for this yummy award:

Cookies or cake?

Cake all the way! [but don’t tell anyone ‘cause I’m supposed to be on a diet]

Chocolate or vainilla?

Chocolate. Definitely

What is your favorite sweet treat?

Nutella, you can spread that on anything and make it a sweet treat [you can even just have a really big spoonful yum]

When do you crave sweet things the most?

At the risk of scaring away some male readers [I hope I have some] I get my cravings around PMS time. When that comes around I just want cake and nutella all the time

If you had a sweet nickname what would it be?

Chocolate cheeks

Now to spread some blog-lovin’ here are my picks for this award: ps. check ‘em out!

Truth and cake– If anyone has a super sweet blog is this gal. Her posts are really interesting, thoughtful and full of cake [so fitting]

The usual bliss– a regular on my reading list, I look forward to Amber’s posts and Cholula’s adventures. Her blog is fun-lovin’ and pretty sweet

Carr party of five– the ramblings of a fellow blogger who gets my inner gansta. I especially love her disclaimers

Ladies go First– she’s frugal and a nurse, living on a budget and making a sweet life. She’s got useful tips and ideas on how save

Snotting Black– a writer living in San Francisco tells the stories of life that some people miss out on. She makes me laugh all the time

Three.20– the blog of a dear college friend that makes me smile

Views from the couch- pretty funny posts full of wit and thought. A mother that speaks the truth [and is hilarious doing it]

Not so skinny Genes- I can relate to this girl, as in she’s in her 20’s and figuring out how to handle finances and all that comes in between [plus she’s from Canada and I love me some Canada]

365til30– Another lovely lady that I can relate to. She’s working on doing everything on her to-do list.

I do hope you have some time to see these blogs and hopefully you’ll feel about them as I do. Until next time [probably tomorrow to do my www redux and actually write the week/weekend wrap]


Chocolate cheeks


P.S- s funny picture just ’cause I like it 🙂



I am a young woman discovering myself while juggling life, marriage and law school

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