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exqueese me [and www]

Sorry ya’ll for not posting sooner, midterms are coming around and I have close to zero time for leisure [my midterms are next week so I’ll be able to breathe then :)] so to keep things rollin’ here’s my www [that’s week/weekend wrap]


I was nominated for another awesome award, so thank you L from Not So Skinny Genes for nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award. I kindly accept the award [my inner gansta is bowing down, yes a lady-like gesture] and answer the questionnaire provided:

What could you change about or add to your life right now that would make you happier?

I love to learn [go figure] and actually be in school, so I think that If I could get paid for doing that would make my life a little sweeter 

What is your favourite childhood memory?

Whoa..I have to really dig deep..I guess more than a specific one it’s more like a time period. I would have to say all the summers from as early as I can remember up till I was 15. Every summer all my cousins would get together at my aunt’s house and we’d have like “summer camps” and stayed for about 2 weeks and went on so many “field trips”. That and all the summers I spent vacationing with my whole family [cousins, grandparents and all] at some rental beach house. Those were the best 🙂

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Well, I’m working on what will be a milestone in my life [law-degree] but I have to say that my proudest accomplishment would have to be independence. Just to be able to do things my way empowers me and makes me feel like I can do more.

Tell someone you love them… it’s not a question but I think it’s super important to do.

To my Mr,. I LOVE YOU, you are the ying to my yang, the balance and strength I need when I’m feeling down, the joy of everyday and my happiness forever.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Well, a collection of people and ideas come to mind, but in particular it would have to be an old friend of mine [let’s just call her dancer girl]. She was in the same dance group as I was [that’s right ya’ll I danced] , she’s 4 years older than me and I always looked up to her. She was nice, beautiful, smart, talented and kind to people. People always had nice things to say about her and she was very loved [I know I talk in past tense but she’s alive hehehe]. So to this day I see her and run into her and still try to be all those nice things she is.

If you had the ability to change the life of one person you know (or don’t know) for the better, how would you do this?

If I had that power I would teach them to manage their finances. I’ve had my fair share of credit-horrors and I would hate for others to do the same

Gold or silver? Why?

Gold. I was a silver girl, but [to me] gold is classier 

What is one thing that scares you?

Dying without purpose, dying without completing what I feel I came to this world to do.

Why do you blog?

It started out as a way to keep writing [I wanna write a book and some screenplays some day] but it has turned into this writing community that keeps me hooked. So I blog to share experiences with my fellow bloggers and to keep writing. [I love reading your blogs too :)]

Blue + Red = ?

Not something I’d use. I’m more of a primary-color-in-natural-state kinda girl. Plus I love black and white.

What is one short term and one long term goal that you are working towards?

My short term goal is to graduate law-school and pass the bar, my long-term goal is help those workers and people with little resources fight for what’s rightfully theirs. [Oh and also be a federal district judge hehehe]

Now I pick 11 people to give the award to:

The Best Life

Comedy in Crisis


Carr Party of Five

The usual Bliss

Ladies Go First

I broke my glasses again

Snotting black

The dirty Nikka


Sarah Smiles Awhile

And my 11 questions:

1.If you could be a superhero who would you be and why?

2. Who’s your favorite person? It can be someone from history

3. What language other than english would you like to master and why?

4. You’re on the series Survivor, how long would you last?

5. What do you do when you’re stressed out?

6. What’s your favorite movie or book?

7. Complete this sentence: Everyone loves….

8. What famous quote would you live by?

9. What about blogging do you like the most?

10. What would be your dream job?

11. If you could eat only one of the food groups for the rest of your life what would you choose?

So there you are, see you laters!




I am a young woman discovering myself while juggling life, marriage and law school

5 thoughts on “exqueese me [and www]

  1. Dear MIssSueGirl,
    I am so honored. Thank you for mentioning me. I l love these kinds of questions!!! Just be patient with me getting to them, ok?
    I’m a mess right now…bedgraggled and befuddled lately.
    Love, LIs

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