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WWW [finally…]

We finally meet again sweet blog. I know it’s been a while since we had a heart-to-heart so let me give you a recap of my life.

The mr. got the job [yei!!] and he’s much more happier and at ease than before. He was working at this company that never gave him recognition and only just last year gave him a raise [and he’s been working there for 3 years]. But he got a call from another company [a totally different kind of business too] and got the job! He’s been doing so well, getting praises for his work and everything. Hopefully he will have an opportunity to grow within the company.  I’m so happy and proud of him, he deserves a change [and a nice raise too ;)].

Back to me, mid-terms are over! I can get back to reading and posting here J [well not so much]. This weekend was fun; on Saturday we had some friends over for lasagna [made by me ehem..] and drinks and lots and lots of talking and laughing. I always like to have people over [even if it means cleaning like a mad woman in the morning] that’s why I want a really big kitchen and family room when we buy a house. On Sunday my parents came over for an impromptu-reunion that ended up with a few of my cousins and aunts and their husbands. It was nice to be loud and boisterous with my family [we loud like that! Yep, that’s where my inner gansta comes from].

All in all it was a good weekend, filled with nice company and food. So here’s to the next one.


PS. This might not be my wittiest post but bear with me, I’m a little brain fried from my mid-terms. So to end this post here’s a funny picture just ‘cause I like it.




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2 thoughts on “WWW [finally…]

    1. well he hasn’t gotten his first paycheck yet but we’ll be back on track soon. I’ve just finished my November budget and it’s looking great 🙂

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