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WWW…recaps and new purposes

Well it was my birthday last Satuday! I had a pre-birthday evening on Friday with the mr. and then on Saturday went with some friends [and the mr. of course] to a local bar for some drinks. It was a simple birthday, and if you ask me those are my favorites. Just hours of nice company, good food and great drinks [gotta love those margaritas!]

this is the only picture I have [I really should take more pictures]
On previous birthdays I can say that I’ve felt different when the day came, but this time [I turned 26] I felt like an ordinary Saturday. The one thing that I wasn’t planning on sort of happened. You see I haven’t been completely honest here, I’ve not kept to my diet, I’m not exercising as I should and I’m not even putting as much dedication as I could to my studies. I’VE LET GO OF MYSELF. I think know it’s because I’m lazy and I’m always putting up excuses on most of what I do. Well I’m tired of the excuses and I’m tired of the laziness.

Now I think I’ve said it before, that a change will happen, but the thing is I can never commit to doing something [so far the only thing I’ve been constant in is this blog] and now I am reaping what I sew. Why this realization now you ask? Well a few things are going askew with my student/professional life, things I want to change, things I’m tired of making excuses for. Can I be frank? The things I want to change are some of the most vital things when it comes to your professional/student life [i.e. punctuality, studying]. On top of that I keep gaining weight and complaining but I’m not doing anything about it. It’s only now that I understand what it is I need to do a 180*.

It starts with small goals. We’ve heard it before, I’ve read it many many times but I hadn’t really applied it to my life. BUT I STARTED YESTERDAY. On Sunday [out of nowhere ‘cause I was reading for class] I had this sudden urge to prepare for the week. I picked out my clothes, I prepared my class materials, I even did a meal and exercise plan for the week. It was an impromptu ordeal, one that I kinda did without noticing and so far it’s been good. I am waking up earlier with a breakfast and lunch plan, I have an extra 15 minutes to do a small exercise routine and I am getting on time at work. I am happy to say that [even it’s only been three days] I feel different already.

So my goals are much simpler now. I no longer have “lose 25 pounds” and “get back in shape by December” on my to-do list. They’ve turned into smaller, simpler things to do instead of long-term goals. So here’s a peek at this new to-do list:

-get up at 4:45am tomorrow

-prepare breakfast and snacks for work

-leave by 6:25am for work

-do the 4 minute routine when I get home [click here to see it, it’s reaaaallly easy]

-prepare my bag and class materials for tomorrow

See? It doesn’t look like much but these small things done every day will help me accomplish the whole exercise-punctuality-weight gain troubles. Now the only thing missing is my simple studying “to-do” list, I’ll keep you posted.

PS. It’s the Mud Run this Saturday! I’m not even close to ready to run the whole 10k, but at least you can walk it [I’m mostly excited to go through the obstacle course and get dirty!] Pictures coming next week. 🙂

let’s just hope I don’t end up like this [though it would be pretty funny]


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One thought on “WWW…recaps and new purposes

  1. That would be pretty awesome to end up like that guy in the picture 😉 I know what you mean…’s all about the small steps! I feel like a lot of times I’m not punctual and that is always on my list of things to change and plan for. It’s amazing how great you feel when you reach your goals 😉

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