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I can’t believe it but I did it! I finished my first ever 10k mud run. Granted I did not run the whole thing [I was a little lazy and didn’t train for it] but I didn’t quit and I crossed the finish line. It was not easy, it was real messy, but it was fun [sort of].

It all started really nice, lots of people showed up in costume [‘cause Halloween was just around the corner]. The race was scheduled to be in “heats” of 200 people, each 10 minutes apart, I was in the second heat. After the gun went off I “ran” [really about 200 meters ‘cause I suck] and the obstacle course began. There were mud piles, mud dunes, and one huge mud pit you had to cross on your elbows in order to continue. It was all great fun and we were getting really dirty [I didn’t mind it]. So everything sounds nice right? Wrong. For about 4 miles of the race, we were sent to this grass field that seemed to never end. The course was just a maze of zig-zags and it didn’t even have mud. The sun was burning, the people weren’t running because the course was really unstable [many sprained their ankles and stuff] and it seemed that there were no oasis for us to hydrate.

we had the karate kid on our side

The worst part of this grass field course was crossing a really foul smelling “river” if you will. Let me give you a picture: imagine the event has 1,200 people competing, we are running for about 4 miles [or in my case walking] when we reach an obstacle that you go on a rope and cross a small river-like dune holding on to another rope above you. There are only 2 sets of ropes, for 1,200 people. You reach this obstacle and you have to wait in line for about 20 minutes or so to get your turn. All of the sudden event officials give the OK to cross the bank swimming. The problem? the water is really, really nasty. It smelled of poo, gasoline and old water combined into one. That was the worst part of the whole run.

the mr. and I before the mud

When we reached the final 2 miles of the run, we went back to the original obstacle course [the one with mud]. There were 3 mud piles to climb and then 3 more with mud pits waiting for your muddy-stinky booty. My finish time was 2 hours and 25 minutes [keep in mid I walked the whole 6.2 miles]. When it was all over, my friends and I rinsed off, changed and decided to re-fuel with some good ol’ burgers [I can’t believe the huge burger I ate]. Sadly I have no pictures of me covered in mud [or of the delicious burger] but here are some that were taken at the event so you can have a “feel” of what went on.



the water was not this clean when I crossed this




right at the finish line
not so nice-looking after the race


The mr. and I have decided to do the 5k mud run next June mainly because the course is better [it ends in a real river] and the distance is shorter. But I am most excited to say that we will be doing the Color run in March! Yeiii!!!! I was really happy to learn that they were doing it in Puerto Rico and I did not hesitate to enter. I want to actually run this one so I promise to train. We’ll see what happens.

P.S. I think the post was missing a little wit so here’s a funny pic!



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  1. This is exactly the type of bike I imagine in my made up motorcycle off road version of 24 Hours of Lemons racing. $500 street legal bikes on DOT legal knobbies racing for hours on a course out in the desert that would be a cross between the old Ascot TT course and Willow Springs before it was pao;#.Whv&d8217es interested?

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