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Have you met Miranda Priestly?

I love Merryl and I loved the movie…but my ex-boss had that really intimidating stare

I have. I used to work for a local TV show in one of the major TV stations in Puerto Rico as a field producer. A normal day at the “office” to me began at 6am. I went to the studio and prepared the set, made copies of the script, went up to graphics to correct any changes, came down with the changes, took one of the hosts to do a 2 minute intervention at the news studio next door, took her back to make-up, went back to the studio and handed scripts to the cast and crew, at 8am we did the rundown of the script. After the rundown I went to get the audience and explain the workings of the show [it was like a View-ish morning show] told them when they could go to the bathroom, when to applaud yada yada yada. At 9:30am we went live and I had to make sure that the guests on the show were on cue, the segments were rolling and I was in constant motion running from the set to the direction booth and back. I got my workouts done [I actually lost like 10 lbs].

The show went on until 11am in which case I had to help wrap the set and head back to the office. Once there I took my lunch and started looking at the agenda. I was also in charge of coordinating the musical guests of every show [it went on every weekday] and coordinating all the sketches we filmed outside the studio [they were supposed to be at least 3 daily]. A bit overwhelming right? Well my job’s not quite finished: I was also in charge of filming and editing the mini reality show we had [a dance competition] and that meant that on Tuesdays, additional to everything I did, after the show [at 11am] the cameraman and I had to go on a 2 hour drive to tape the kids dancing [sort of like America’s best dance crew] and come back, confirm all the guests for the show the next day and head back to the studio to edit the footage that would air on Thursdays. Yeah, my days started at 6am and ended at 11pm [if I was lucky]. And this is not counting all the things that went wrong, and all the musical guests that cancelled, and all the no-shows and all the damage control we had to do.

This huge back story being said, I’ve come to talk about my boss at that time. She was a host on the show as well as the executive producer. She is an accomplished producer/director in the island so people respected her. But to say that I worked for the Miranda Priestly of  TV is a bit of an understatement. You see she was bossy, a perfectionist, blunt, frank, honest and didn’t take any crap from anyone. In some cases that’s ok, but this was an extreme. She sometimes had ridiculous demands [I worked at the time of Kate and Prince William’s wedding and she wanted to go to England and possibly interview a Royal family member…and we’re not NBC] and if I tell you all the stories that happened while I worked for her this would be a long-ass post. But I will say this, whenever I received a call from her it was usually to get chastised for something I did, didn’t do, forgot to do or did wrong. It was horrible working and living with the expectancy of THE PHONE CALL FROM HELL.

hahaha I just thought this caption was funny {via}

But this story has a happy ending, I QUIT! I found that working for her almost made me have a nervous breakdown and to this day I get anxious if I see her calling. [My hands tremble and everything]. So why am I suddenly compelled to write about luciferish-boss? Because every two months or so I get the call from hell. The reason why it’s because one of the new hosts’ name is also Linnette[for those of you who didn’t know who miss.sue is] and to top it off, the new producer’s name is Lynette [spelled different but the same]. She confuses who she wants to call and ends up calling me. Whenever I see her name flashing on my phone screen I get the anxious feeling all over again [as if I still worked there]. But it always begins with a polite exchange and a little laugh [from her not me] of confusion and then it ends. It’s been heaven in my life since I quit that job, but every so often I get reminded….



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