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it’s been a long time coming…

Phew! how long has it been since I posted last?? I have no idea [not exactly wordpress right here keeps tabs] but many things are going down. First of all, I’m close to done with this semester at law school so I will have a breather to catch up on my blog reading/posting/commentating. I will also have time to catch up on the books I’ve wanted to read for forever [ie The count of Monte Cristo, The Portrait of Dorian Grey] and just spending quiet time with the mr. [my favorite 🙂 ]
Second, I’m very excited about this Thanksgiving because it will be my first as a wife and I will be doing the cooking! Yes, I’ve watched many shows, read many blogs and pinned many pages with different Thanksgiving recipies [you can follow me on Pinterest here]. I’ve got my menu, I did the grocery shopping and I’m ready to tacke on the turkey! [not really but it would be funny to actually tacke a turkey hehe]

hopefully mine won’t end up like this :s

I like Thanksgiving, not because of what it meant for the pilgrims and the indians [I mean let’s face it, it wasn’t peaches and cream] but because we take time to spend with our family and be thankful for all the things we have. My family has always gotten together to eat some good ‘ol turkey, but the mr’s family not so much. That’s why I’m planning on making new traditions with my hubby and Thanksgiving is the first. I can already see me 10 years from now getting all the family together in my awesome kitchen and dining room [I dream with Merryl Streep’s house in “It’s complicated] and just sitting down to enjoy good food and great company.
For now dinner shall be at my small [but with a great terrace], cozy apartment and one day I will cook it in the kitchen of my dreams. I promise to try to take pictures of my 1st [Odyssey] Thanksgiving dinner!

I dream of this kitchen!

PS. Chrismas’ next!
Extra PS. Thank you to all those who follow me and read my blog! It truly makes my day 🙂



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5 thoughts on “it’s been a long time coming…

  1. Good luck with the turkey. Let me know how it goes….I have YET to tackle my own turkey ;( I let my mom handle that, she’s gangsta cleaning out the insides with her bare hands….mm mm.

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