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becoming a vegetarian…for every reason

I love animals. I’ve never really liked eating “red meat” [cows and pigs] and only ate chicken or turkey because that’s what I was taught. Recently I came across this article that talked about testing a party drug on dogs. They will give the dogs doses of this drug until half of them are dead. THIS REALLY ENRAGED ME. It disturbed me so that I started to research all the companies that do animal testing. And I have to say that I was surprised to find out how many there are out there.

I went to and started to read and browse the page. It was a nice surprise to see how many people and celebrities are animal rights advocates. So I, being a law-student and gravitating towards environmental/animal rights law, decided to make a change in my life, a change that’s been a long time coming. I am becoming a vegetarian.

I don't know how the familiy's gonna let it go
I don’t know how the familiy’s gonna take it

I’ve always expressed my desire to be vegetarian but “I like bacon too much” [I know I previously said that I didn’t like to eat pigs but bacon was the exception] was always my excuse. After reading, and reading, and reading some more I found all these articles that show you exactly how these animals are raised and bred and it was just plain cruel.

You should see the conditions that they are bred in; they’re bad for the environment and bad for your health eventually. For example, there is this video called “Glass walls” featuring Paul McCartney [discretion please as it is graphic] that shows just how animals are treated in slaughter houses and breeding farms. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. I place the link for those looking to get the facts, but truthfully it only took the first 20 seconds of the video to convince me.

Additional to my animal-lover side benefits, there are also health benefits to being vegetarian, mainly having more energy. I’ve read many times different articles about having more energy if you consume more vegetables and less meat so this one convinced me. In my opinion, the health benefits are subjective [because there are soooo many studies and opinions about what’s healthy or not] but if I can get more energy and eat less processed foods, then it’s all good in my book.

So I’m starting this lifestyle [saving some animals] and encouraging all those who have been thinking about being vegetarian to do it. I know this is not my usual “nice” post, but it’s something I needed to write about. This way I feel I’m doing something to make a change and hopefully some of you might be inspired and become vegetarians too. I’m not saying that everyone has do it and I won’t judge anyone who still eats meat [the Mr. will not be joining my venture] but I am making the change for me, for the animals and for the environment.



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