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Tying lose ends

I know…I’ve been a bad blogger 😦  But I promise to make it up [I’m catching up on reading]. The thing is that I have been tying lose ends before new year’s eve and I want to make sure that I start 2013 on the right foot. Classes are officially over [AT LAST!] and Christmas is around the corner which means planning, planning and more planning. So I’ve been making lists [you know I love these] to organize the house, the fridge, our room, the mail, the finances…everything. It’s going really well and I feel like I’m taking control of my life. I get very excited to organize and plan out the things I need to do, and I feel productive when I accomplish what I set out to do.


It’s important to reflect on this past year as the new year comes. To think about all the good, the bad and the not so pretty that happened. To remember that everyday is a lesson and tomorrow a new chance to make a change. Tomorrow [and today ‘cause it’s only 10:00 am] is a new opportunity to start or finish all those projects that you had in mind [especially those 2012 resolutions that we didn’t get to do] and to revisit those lists that you made of things you wanted to do but didn’t. In my case, tying lose ends is a very important resolution that I’m doing even though 2013 hasn’t started yet. I want to sort out pending appointments, bills or any other situations that may cause worry or stress so that I can later concentrate on the good. I sorted our mail and organized our personal files and I’m already feeling good. After my list is completely checked off I will have time to go to the SPA, exercise [I really need to do this now!], read a book or just simply relax with the mr. and won’t have to worry about pending stuff.

My 2013 resolutions [posting them soon] will be concrete, short-term, achievable goals so at the end of next year I will look back happy with myself for completing them. And even though I may not get to do them all, the important thing is to keep trying, to keep improving and to keep moving forward towards your goals. Do you have your list ready?


including mine {via}
including mine {via}

PS. I’m still on the vegetarian wagon and it’s going good J [pics and recipes on the next post]



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