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2013 resolutions

Well it’s that time again folks! The time when everyone and their mother write down on paper [or on their minds] their new year’s resolutions. I know most people do that before the year ends, but I think that writing them at the beginning of the year is a bit more balanced. I like the start of the new year because it’s a chance for do-overs, a chance to start fresh and approach new things that you didn’t get to do before. I’ve done many resolutions over the years and I’ve come to find that they’re not easily kept when they’re not in plain view. This year I’m trying something new, I have this inspiration board at work [where I spend a lot of time] so instead of doing a boring list [meh] I will do a collage of my year’s resolutions. I will pin [or paste] a little red dot on the things I accomplish as the year progresses so at the end of the year I will see clearly all the things on my list that I actually followed through with.

Before I start dishing out my list I will share 3 tips I’ve learned that help you make and keep your new year’s resolutions. Ya’ll know I love making lists so here it goes:

  1. Be specific– instead of writing “lose weight” try “lose 20 pounds by April 21”. It is much easier to achieve something concrete instead of a vague concept, plus you have a deadline that serves as motivation
  2. Be simple– we all get excited when the new year comes and we want to do it all, sometimes making our resolution lists too long. I say start with 5 things you definitely want to do and go from there. It’s easier to accomplish 5 goals every year than write down 20 and accomplish zero.
  3. Have fun [and room for change]– yes we want to improve ourselves and our lives but we mustn’t forget to have fun along the way. Keep in mind that sometimes we are not able to do what we want when we want, but we can modify and adapt. Maybe you complete your list, maybe you do more that your list or maybe you don’t complete it at all, what matters is to enjoy the ride [and take pictures].

Now for my resolutions [they’re more than 5 but I think I can do this]:

  1. Build a $1,000.00 emergency fund
  2. Lose 25 pounds by June 25 2013
  3. Do a budget meeting with the mr. every month to plan out the next month’s expenses.
  4. Go skydiving on April for our anniversary []
  5. Pay-off our last credit card by February 10
  6. Exercise on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
  7. Run the 5k Color Run on March
  8. Read all the textbook material assigned in law school
  9. Remodel our spare bedroom into a home office/lounge area by May [I’m very excited about this one]
  10. Go on a vacation trip to either California, Costa Rica or Canada [they all start with a C curiously…] in December

There you have them, a few new, a few a long time coming but all pretty exciting [at least to me anyway]. Have you done your resolutions yet?

PS. Inspiration board is under construction so no pic for now 😦  instead here’s a funny one



{via Google images}



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