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I love these..

Today is one of those days, where the creativity just flows naturally.

You listen to good, melodic, inspiring music, you read rich and exciting pieces and you imagine what could be. These are forever my favorite days, the days where the only thing I want to do is listen, read and wonder. The days where it all seems to come together and real, the days where my imagination knows no boundaries and my mind travels as far as possible. These are the days I need to become a better writer. I want to discover that story that needs telling, to find those characters that will be loved and hated, to let go and fantasize about a world I’ve yet to know.

I’ve often wondered what it takes to write a masterpiece, such a wonderful work that makes readers pay attention to detail, that surprises them in a good [or unexpected] way, that makes them cry, and laugh and relate to what is written. What is it about those books that live with us for many years and of those that are timeless? I wish so many times that I could meet those authors that have captivated us and get a sense of what they experienced when writing. Did the words just come to their minds? Did they begin a story knowing how it would end? Did they get so involved in the story that it just kind of unraveled by itself? It’s all very exciting.

There’s one thing I’ve learned about me recently that I was surprised to find and now love: I am not desperate to write that “masterpiece” of mine. You see I’m a very impatient person. I like to know the ending before anything starts, I try not to be surprised, I want to rush into things because I want to get them accomplished. I can’t remember the last time I just sat around and waited, I like to learn and know everything that I can so I can be two steps ahead always, I get frustrated when things aren’t perfect and when things don’t go how I planned them. So it was a wonderful feeling to discover that for once I’m not desperate. I love the fact that I’m open for the ride, that many mistakes will be made, that many ideas will be crappy and that only a few will be good. That only by learning and reading more will I get where I want to be, that I have faith in the idea that I will be a writer and that for once in my life I believe in myself. I’m very happy to find that I’m confident in my fiction  writing [even if my life-style writing isn’t that good], I’m excited to discover that I believe in myself and that one day I will write that masterpiece. And I won’t care if only 2 people or 2 million people read it, because now I understand that writing is more than that. Writing is an outlet to go places you’ve never imagined, to free yourself and your mind, to let go of your imagination, to express yourself. I will write now and forever to stay creative, to let go, to be sane and alive.



I am a young woman discovering myself while juggling life, marriage and law school

2 thoughts on “I love these..

  1. Beautiful post, engaging,inspiring and from the heart, it’s how I feel also – one that will come to mind again I should think : )

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