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Here’s a post about the controversy surrounding the movie “Zero Dark Thirty”. It’s been highly criticized on account of the film’s torture scenes, so much that some actors in Hollywood [I’m talking to you Martin Sheen] are asking the Oscar voters to boycott the film. In my opinion that’s not fair for the people who worked on this movie. I saw it and there are not that many scenes that portray torture, it’s just enough to give you a sense of what they were willing to do to get the truth. I think the CIA actually tortured for information [even if they insist that they didn’t], I mean if there are pictures of people in the military ill-treating captives what makes us believe that the CIA [the “killers”] would not do the same or worse? Are we that ignorant? The movie is good, maybe not Oscar-worthy but still entertaining and it doesn’t deserve to be dissed as much as the media is trying to do. Just watch the movie and think for yourself.

Media Myth Alert

The Sunday “Outlook” section of the Washington Post usually is such a ZeroDarkThirty_posterjumble of thumbsucker essays and middling book reviews that it deserves just passing attention.

What made yesterday’s “Outlook” an exception was an engaging critique of Zero Dark Thirty, the controversial new movie about the CIA’s years-long hunt for terror leader Osama bin-Laden.

The critique, written by former CIA official Jose A. Rodriguez Jr., suggests anew the mythmaking capacity of fact-based films. “Inevitably,” Rodriguez writes of Zero Dark Thirty, “films like this come to be seen by the public as a sort of proxy for reality.”

And that’s especially troubling because, as Rodriguez also points out:

“One of the advantages of inhabiting the world of Hollywood is that you can have things both ways.” Publicity for Zero Dark Thirty emphasizes that it rests upon careful research, Rodriguez notes; at the same time, the film’s screenwriter, Mark…

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