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Www….back with a vengeance [Vegetarian endeavors…two months later]

So, hi ya’ll! This past week has been sweet & sour for me. Sweet because the mr got a promotion and a raise [yei!!!! Debt-free here we come], sour because there was a job opening within my company and I did not get it. If you read my previous post you’ll notice that I am feeling stuck lately and I am looking to grow professionally. So when this job opportunity came up I jumped at it, I sent my resume, I followed up, but ultimately I didn’t get it. I was not looking to earn more as much as I was looking to learn something new. .But I guess that’s the way it has to be, maybe there’s a waaaaay better job waiting for me down the line. We’ll see.

On other news, as of last week I’ve been a vegetarian for two months and let me say that it was not as hard as some people make it out to be. I guess for me the transition was easier because I didn’t eat red meat before [I just liked bacon and chicken] or maybe my conviction is stronger than I thought [although last night I dreamt that I ate bacon and felt crappy about it afterwards]. But, if I had to say what is the hardest part of being a vegetarian [beside the fact that the mr. is not and I still have to buy meat for him] is explaining to people the reason why I did it without being judged.


If you ask anyone who is a vegetarian [vegans especially] they will tell you that the main reason for them is not hurting animals. Now don’t get me wrong, if you like your meat by all means enjoy, I will not try to convince you otherwise [and I get why you like it, it’s delicious], what I don’t like is people trying to convince vegetarians that their decision is “wrong”, that you have to eat meat and flat out laughing at you because your reason is to “save the animals” [they say in a patronizing tone]. I’m pretty sure I’m not the first or the last person to experience people passing judgment over you becoming a vegetarian, but it’s especially hard when even your family doesn’t respect and support you. I appreciate all those people who don’t agree with my decision but respect it and instead of making me eat meat they are genuinely interested and want to learn about vegetarianism. To all those people thank you for understanding and being mature about it, right on! I don’t appreciate those people who plain out laughed in my face when I told them of my choice and that ask me patronizingly “are you still a vegetarian?” as if it was just a fluke. To all those people, I hope you step on a lego, I like being a vegetarian.

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Looking for funny pics to put on this post [‘cause I like it like that] I came across a blog that has a post titled “10 vegetarian myths and misconceptions debunked” and it really summed up how I feel. If you want to read it click here [if not that’s totally cool beans].  Again, I seem to have writer’s block to end this post so I’ll just hit you with a funny pic:


PS. I wanna start a book club, would you be interested? Do tell me please. Also, any books you recommend? I wanna read 13 this year



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