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www…staying creative [and cheering up when feeling blue]

I have a piece of paper in my office that lists 29 ways to stay creative [don’t ask how I got it ’cause I can barely remember anything these days]. I had forgotten I had it pinned [actually pinned not on Pinterest] on my inspiration board and yesterday I discovered it yet again, so I’ll be sharing it with you guys and hopefully you’ll try some of the things in the list. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a feature for your blog out of this. Here we go:

1. Make lists [I love me some list-making!]


2.Carry a notebook everywhere [you’ll never know when you’ll be inspired]


3. Sketch


4.Get away from the computer [we all need this sometime]


5.Quit beating yourself up [I need to do this]


6.Take breaks

It's Time For a Break

7.Sing in the shower [trust me, the water makes you sound like a pro]

sing in the shower

8. Be open

9.Drink coffee [you ain’t got to tell me twice]


10.Get feedback

11. Listen to new music

new music

12. Surround yourself with creative people [the blog community is great for this]

13. Practice, practice, practice


14. Don’t give up [even when the chips are down]

15. Allow yourself to make mistakes [we’re not perfect after all]

cov mistakes poster

16. Collaborate [exchanging ideas is very inspiring]


17. Take risks

18. Get lots of rest [not as easy sometimes but necessary]


19. Go somewhere new [the mr. and I decided yesterday that our next trip will be Grece!!]


20. Count your blessings [we’re all very lucky]

21. Dance [I have a confession, I sneak into the bathroom to have dance-breaks]


22. Don’t force it [things just don’t work out that way]

23. Break the rules [every now and then]

breaking rules

24. Read a book [or 13 in my case]


25. Stop trying to be someone else’s perfect [you are just fine the way you are]

26. Write down your ideas [please refer to no.2]


27. Clean your work space [or forever have allergies]


28. Finish something [starting a project is always exciting, finishing it is rewarding]





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I am a young woman discovering myself while juggling life, marriage and law school

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