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www… days with my little lady

Midterms are finally over!!!! Which means time for me and the mr.! This weekend was all about relaxing and spending time together, Saturday we spent tydying up our place and on Sunday we went to the beach.

photo (9)photo (10)

We had plenty of fun just the mr. and I, it was a “date” of sorts that we’ll be repeating pretty soon [Maggie doesn’t like the sand so we didn’t take her with us :(]. But one of the highlights of my weekend was just playing around and spending time with this little lady.

Let me share with you my bundle of joy, Maggie [or Maggiekins as I like to call her]. When we first got her [two years ago] she looked like she would be very tiny. She hardly barked and was just lovely.


Flash forward a few months and she grew to about the size she’s now only her hair was kinda crazy


A trip to the groomer later and she was looking as good as ever.


She’s just like any other dog, she likes to run in the terrace but especially loves to sunbathe. She knows exactly when we’re going outside and she turns into this ball of energy because she loves it so. [I will post a video as soon as I know how to work it here :s]

photo (5)

But we all agree that her favorite place to be is on the couch with us as we watch T.V. [she loves that place between the cushions]

photo (4)

As many dog owners will tell you, she sleeps with us, snuggled right between the mr. and I so when I wake up in the morning I’m met with these round eyes that seem to say “hello” everyday.

photo (2)

She likes to watch everything we do, particularly me studying [I secretly think she reports to the mr. if I din’t study at all]

photo (8)

She can be quite sassy…

photo (3)

…and quite mischievous [we come home to this pretty much everyday ’cause she hates to be left alone]

photo (6)

But how can you stay mad at this cuteness?

photo (7)

And after a long day of naps, bacon treats, running in the terrace, sunbathing in the living room, hanging out in the sofa playing with the mr. and barking at neighbors it truly was time to crash and simply relax. That’s Magggie for ‘ya!

photo (1)



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  1. Oh Tamale!! I have been looking for a place that sell Tamale in Sydney. Hanv;&#39et been to Bogeda but read a lot about this place from your blog. Popcorn on the dessert! How cute is that?

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