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the discovery of me

This weekend was very slow-pace for me. I decided to take some “me” time [the mr. was working this weekend] and just relaxed with Maggie at my side. It’s been a while since I just did nothing that I felt kind of bad for “vegging-out”. But I was pleasantly surprised by a few films and a documentary that I watched.

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the girlie next to me

First, let me say that Julianne Moore did an excellent job at playing Sarah Palin in “Game change”, I was very impressed by how she nailed the character. The film itself was something I didn’t expect and I’m the type of person that likes to anticipate things in movies [the mr hates this hehe]. But it was a breath of fresh air being able to just be captivated by the happenings in the movie. I have to say that the movie presented the McCain-Palin Campaign in a very different light than the one the media portrayed in the 2008 election. I recommend you guys watch this movie, I think it was very tastefully done.


I also finished Martin Scorsese’s documentary “Living in the Material world” about the life of George Harrison as told by family and friends. The documentary is two-parts long and it tells the life George from his time in the Beatles, his time in India and everything in between. I had no idea of the type of spiritual person that was George Harrison, I’m not a very huge fan of the Beatles [I like their songs but I’m no expert on them] but I’ve always felt that he was the most interesting of them all. This documentary proved me right. He was a quiet person, but was a positive one as well. He was charming and friendly, and most of all spiritual. This is something that hit a spot on me because I am in search of my spirituality. Beyond religion, what I’m looking for is to live in peace and harmony with me and those around me.


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I guess that it’s normal that we are in constant search of some kind of sign that we have a purpose in life, and it’s in those moments that we learn the most about ourselves. I am in the process of discovering me and learning the balance of life. I admire those people that are very in tune with their spirits and just evoke a peaceful and happy feeling in those who surround them. I’m looking to be that, to surround myself with positive energy and balance. In the search of our character is when we learn the most beautiful things about ourselves and the people we love. We learn to take in the good and work on the not so good so in the end we better ourselves and achieve happiness. I’m very excited to learn new things about me and to share them with those willing to accept them.

So it’s good to look within every now and then, it helps us deal with the past and prepare for the future but most of all to enjoy the present.





I am a young woman discovering myself while juggling life, marriage and law school

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