hi guys! This page is currently under some “sushing” to know a liittle bit o’ me you can check out this post or read on.

– currently a law student

– married 😉

– in loooove with dogs! i see one and I melt

– I like to makes lists of everything (as you can you see) and always carry a pocket notebook and pen or just write it on my ipod

– I’m a fitness afficionado, I always fall for those ads on tv for fitness stuff, and I looove Women’s Health (even though I’m not in the shape I’d like to be)

Currently working on a fitness challenge, for more details click here.
– breakfast, fruits and veggies…yum! (and cake too)
– I like to cook…thanks to Pinterest now I can!
– I’m currently obsessed with HGTV and the food channel, I’m also inspired by lovely blogs that teach lots of DIY’s
– I love to read and find inspiration from other blogs, it just keeps life interesting
Now enjoy 😉


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